How can I help BAN Asbestos Now?

It’s easy to join the movement, make a difference and encourage others to as well!

Write Congress

Congress can and should pass legislation to ban asbestos-containing products and fund education, treatment centers and research programs. Use our easy form to draft and send a letter to Congress and urge them to ban asbestos. This takes less than 1 minute and has an immediate impact.

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Stay informed with the latest updates on this effort by connecting with us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. This makes it easy to alert your friends and family as well and encourage them to join the fight.

Share Your Story of How Asbestos Exposure Has Affected You

If you or a loved one has been affected by asbestos exposure, we encourage you to share your story and read what others have shared.

The movement to ban asbestos is growing. And we need you on our side! Join the fight today.