Make This Your Resolution: Ban Asbestos

There’s always time to make a meaningful resolution. So as the new year gets rolling, why not make a resolution in 2014 to do something that can help yourself and others in the long run? This can be the year that you join the fight to ban asbestos.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral once prized for its strength and ability to resist heat, fire, and chemicals. Asbestos fibers were included in many products to make them more durable and fireproof. Asbestos was also used as an insulating material in many buildings – including homes and schools – in the United States.

Today we know that this “miracle mineral” is not what it seemed. Asbestos is now classified as a cancer-causing substance by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Studies have found that exposure to asbestos increases the risk of mesothelioma, a rare and fatal cancer, as well as other serious diseases.

Despite the dangers of asbestos, the U.S. has not banned this toxic substance even though asbestos bans exist in more than 50 other countries.

Here’s where you come in: Make it your 2014 resolution to help Ban Asbestos Now. Some ways that you can do this include:

Contact Congress: Write a letter to your U.S. Congressman/Congresswoman or U.S. Senator urging them to ban asbestos-containing products.

Get Social: Keep current with the latest updates on this effort by connecting with Ban Asbestos Now! on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that should be banned before it can claim more victims. You can make a difference in 2014 by pushing for a ban on asbestos.