New Haven Courthouse Project Sets off Asbestos Exposure Fears

Workers were understandably upset when large trash bags surrounded by red tape that read “Dangerous asbestos hazard” showed up on the stairs they use daily to get into the Superior Courthouse in New Haven, Conn.

The bags held asbestos-containing debris from a renovation project going on at the building, according to local news station WTNH. There were also similar bags sitting just above a courthouse sidewalk.

Courthouse workers said they wanted to know why they were not informed about the asbestos removal and if their health could be at risk. Exposure to airborne asbestos in any amount can cause mesothelioma, a rare and deadly cancer, as well as other serious illnesses.

Unscrupulous contractors and business owners have been known to improperly remove asbestos to save on the considerable cost of asbestos abatement, as this blog recently noted.

Thankfully for the workers and pedestrians who came close to the bags of asbestos-laden debris, this project does not pose a health risk because the asbestos being removed is contained within other materials and cannot become airborne. “We’re doing everything a hundred percent the way it’s supposed to be done,” a supervisor on the project told WTNH.

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